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Comparative Effectiveness of Different Forms of Telemedicine for Individuals with Heart Failure (HF): A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis

Data from studies are compared to demonstrate the impact of using remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools verses usual care. The outcome….RPM tools consistently were ranked #1 in reducing morality, hospitalization for heart failure patients and all-cause hospitalizations. Abstract Background Previous studies on telemedicine have either focused on its role...

Why one doctor started doing telemedicine full time

The economic benefits of using telemedicine from a doctor’s perspective..the technology provides a WIN-WIN for both patients and providers! January 27, 2015 interview with Healthcare Informatics, physician Timothy Howard It keeps the focus on patients and is vital to meeting future demand, Howard argues Why he switched Timothy Howard began providing...

Where hospitals are most likely to embrace telehealth

Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota, Maine, Rhode Island and Utah are some of the state receptive to implementing telehealth innovation technology for their chronic condition patients. February 6, 2014 by Health Affairs Alaska tops the list for telehealth adoption Two recent studies published in this month’s issue of the journal...

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