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CMS Code Gives Docs a Chance to Use Store-and-Forward Telehealth

Beginning next year, CMS will reimburse providers using store-and-forward telehealth (also known as asynchronous telehealth) to analyze and diagnose images sent to them from established patients. By Eric Wicklund November 12, 2018 – Healthcare providers looking for new ways to implement telehealth and telemedicine are getting a Christmas present from...

Health Care Alert: CMS Rules Expand Use of Telehealth And Remote Patient Monitoring Under Medicare

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently published two rules designed to promote the use of telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) under the Medicare program. Telehealth Benefits under Medicare Advantage On November 1, 2018, CMS published a proposed rule that (among other things) implements provisions of...

2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program – CMS Final Rule – CPT Codes 99453, 99454, and 99457 – Everything You Need to Know – 2019

  CMS has issued a final rule with three new codes for RPM services, retitled “Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring,” which do a far better job reflecting how providers can more effectively and efficiently use RPM technology to monitor and manage patient care needs, including chronic care management.  These...

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